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Diamond Daughters
End of the year promotion

Free Gift Promotion 

We love our DD Family and that is why we want to treat our loyal customers with TWO Midi rings for FREE with your FIRST purchase. You will get a set of two sterling silver rings with anything you purchase on our website! Make sure to subscribe to our newsletter to stay up to date with upcoming giveaways & exclusive promotions on our Diamond Daughters website.


About Us: meet the Diamond Daughters. We are a family business owned by two sisters and our Mother! (grandma is in the middle, she is also a Diamond Daughter ).  

We had a vision of creating a fine jewelry brand that everyone can afford. A jewelry brand that represents love, laughter & celebration. Jewelry is a time of happiness and nothing is impossible. Bringing our creations to life & becoming part of so many love stories is what we do best. That vision came to life as our Diamond Daughters journey began. 

Make sure to follow our daily jewelry inspiration on Instagram & keep up with our growing fine jewelry collection 

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