Shipping FAQ's | Receiving My Order

Shipping FAQ's | Receiving My Order

Are you ready to make a purchase but concerned about the shipping/delivery process? You are not alone.  Our team has partnered with industry leaders to ensure safe, and speedy delivery of your diamond, lab grown diamond, moissanite, and solid gold engagement rings, wedding bands, and every day fine jewelry. 

How do you ship my order?

All diamond, lab grown diamond, moissanite and gold jewlery  is shipped via FedEx second day (two day) with hold for pick up service at a location near your shipping address.  All shipments are fully insured and require an adult signature for pick up.  The person who signs for the package just have an ID that matches the name listed on the package. We coordinate and verify all of this information with you before we ship your new treasures. 

What does "hold for pickup" service mean"? 

Hold for pick up means that the package will be delivered to a FedEx facility near your listed shipping address.  Our third party insurance company will select the facility that provides secure storage of high value items.  

How do you make sure that that the package won't get stolen?

Your order will be held at a secure FedEx location for pick-up.  We do NOT ship to homes, or offices.  FedEx will only release the package to the person listed on the shipping label with an ID that matches.  They will also require a signature from that person to release the package.  We will coordinate and confirm all of this information with you via email before we send your order. 

How fast do I get the package?

Each order is custom made so you will need to consult the production timeline listed on your specific order for an anticipated completion date.  Once your order is complete and the balance has been fully paid we will email you to coordinate a shipping date.  Once the package leaves our office it will take two business days for it to arrive at the FedEx facility for pick up. For example, if your package is set to be shipped on a Monday, it should be available for pick up at the FedEx facility on Wednesday of the same week. 

Do I have to pick up the package the day it arrives at the FedEx location? 

No. You will have five business days to pickup your package once it arrives at your specific FedEx location. We will confirm you (or your pick up person) are available to pick up before sending it on it's way. 

How will I know which FedEx location to pick up my order from? 

We will provide you with a tracking number and exact FedEx location by 4:30pm PST on the day your order ships.  This information will be provided to you by email.   We will provide you with details about how to track your shipment in real time as well. 

 Can I have the package be shipped to my home or office? 

No. For the safety and security of your order it must be shipped to a FedEx location for pick up. 

How long is the insurance good for? 

The insurance is valid from the time the label is created in our office until your listed pickup person signs for it and takes possession of the box.  From that point on you will be responsible for any and all insurance.  We will provide you with information on our vendor or choice inside the box with your jewelry. 

Will you be able to tell what's inside the box from the packaging? 

No.  All orders come sealed in generic FedEx packaging with a discreet label.  We recommend opening your package in a secure location, usually your home, for maximum safety.  


Please reach out to us and we will be happy to assist you. 

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