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  • Solid Gold vs. Gold Plated/Gold Filled

    Solid Gold vs. Gold Plated/Gold Filled
    Solid Gold vs. Gold Plated/Gold Filled 
    Here at Diamond Daughters, we strongly believe that everything that glitters should be gold! Real, solid, full gold; not a thin layer covering silver, or a slightly thicker layer covering brass. Plated and filled gold does not have the value, nor the quality that solid gold does. All of our jewelry that is marked as gold, is solid gold. 
    Jewelry is a statement of beauty and value. Like cooking, you want to use only the best ingredients. Jewelry touches your body; it's as close as can be to you. You deserve top notch material of the highest quality and you want to be able to go about your daily activities without worrying about a lower quality jewelry fading from sweat, soap, moisturizer, etc. One of the benefits of solid gold is that it can always be polished and cleaned to restore it to its natural shine and luster. 
    Treat yourself to only the best. Visit us at Diamond Daughters to add more sparkle to your life!
    From our family to yours
    -The Diamond Daughters
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  • 5 Tips for our ladies- How to pick your engagement ring

    5 Tips for our ladies- How to pick your engagement ring

    The Diamond Daughters are here to help you with every part of the process of picking your engagement ring. If you are just starting & you think he might propose soon, here are a few tips to help you get the ring that YOU will love.

    1. Know your budget-It is important to talk to your partner and figure out a price range you feel comfortable with for your ring. This way, when you start shopping around & looking at designs, you have an idea of which rings will work with your budget. Once you set your budget, start looking at styles. If you want the proposal to be a total surprise, you can always contact us and we’ll provide a price range of what your ring might cost (which will help point you in the right direction).

    2. Pick your shape - There are many shapes when it comes to diamonds. There are also current trends - pick the shape that YOU like the best. If you are not sure where to start, look at Pinterest or magazines to get some ideas. Round shape is the “classic” shape and will always stay that way. The top diamond shapes for 2017-2018 are rounds, cushion, pear shape and princess. It really is up to you and what you think will look good on your finger.

    3. Pick your style & make a Pinterest board! - This is the fun part! Start pinning and show your friends your favorite diamond shapes and ring styles. Pick different shapes & styles and go crazy with it (just for fun!). You can always narrow down the styles you like from there. By showing this to your friends, or even boyfriend, it will give them an idea of what you like & he will probably ask your friends or a family member for some help when the time comes.

    4. Try on rings and see them on your finger- So you picked different shapes and styles but you still can’t pick just one. Come see us, the Diamond daughters! We will share our pretty rings with you and you will get a quick engagement ring preview from us. We love to share our knowledge with others and we really enjoy helping our customers create the ring of their dreams. Once you know your style, we will keep it on file & and also get your finger size-this is a very important part of the process!.

    5. Enjoy the process & share your ideas with your besties or family members - You think he will propose soon? Maybe not? The timing is not as important as knowing you’ll get your dream ring that you’ll LOVE. That is why you have to tell your close family or your friends about the ring that you would like. Maybe you have a group of friends that you all hang out with; this will be very helpful when the time comes, trust me.

    Keep in mind, it is now a trend to have the women come to us first so can we help them decide what kind of design they would like. We may even pick the diamond together and all he would have to do is come to our shop & seal the deal! This is the best way to make sure you get your dream ring; and believe me, you will want to have a ring that you just cannot stop staring at, a ring that you’ll want to show off to everyone. That’s the best part after all…

    If this is a total surprise, at least pick your shape and let him know what it is, or tell a friend you think he’ll ask for help. We offer the option of purchasing a diamond and putting it in a solitaire (a simple ring without diamonds). Once he proposes, you can bring it back to us and we'll give you credit back for the ring and you can design your dream ring together. This is a good way to still be surprised while saving your money and creating the design that you always hoped for.

    Please feel free to contact the Diamond Daughters with any questions - we are here to help.

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  • 5 Effortless Ways To Woo A Guy This Summer

    5 Effortless Ways To Woo A Guy This Summer


    Diamond Daughters is partnering with Michelle G. to get you the best advice from the love guru herself. What does it take to woo a guy and win him over this summer?

    It’s easy to say a curvaceous figure and a captivating smile, but those aren’t the only things men care about. If you really want to win a man over, there are other qualities and/or behaviors that’ll make him really “feel it” for you.


    Here is a list of five sure-fire ways that’ll win him over AND leave him wondering where you’ve been all his life J:

    1. Compliment Him

    There’s nothing wrong with stroking his ego a bit with a compliment. They’re powerful and will work wonders in wooing him over to you. Just one compliment can change his entire mood and put a little extra oomph in his step. Some examples of compliments that go over well:

    • “You are so good at___” Fill in the blank with something that you think he’s great at.  
    • “I think you’re a genius.” This is a great way to compliment his intelligence.

    Pay him a compliment and he will definitely pay attention to you!


    1. Accept Compliments

    You have full permission to acknowledge admiration from your guy. Don’t try to deflect, shrug off, or ignore praises that he gives you. Psychotherapist, Alyson Lanier says, “There’s an unspoken rule in our culture that women are supposed to be modest”. 

    This is why some women don’t want to accept compliments for fear they will look like they’re bragging.  But, a guy doesn’t want to get shot down when he gives you a compliment.  If he says you look amazing, allow him to give you that praise. Accept that he’s being genuine.


    1. Don’t Try To Change Him

     If something bothers you about a person, don’t make the mistake of thinking you can change it once you both are “comfortable”. This strategy has exploded in many women’s faces.

    Just imagine how you’d feel if a guy tried to change something about you. You’d probably be a basket of mixed emotions – annoyed, self-conscious, not to mention, provoked.  

    Poking around and trying to change things about him will make him feel the same way. If you’re going to be with him, don’t interfere with who he is.


    1. Be Confident

    Guys dig a woman who is confident in herself. It’s a timeless quality. With confidence, it doesn’t matter how you measures up to others because you can appreciate who you are. When a woman possesses this level of confidence, she has a certain poise, and charm that men find riveting.

    Also, women who are confident in themselves are less likely to belittle others (including their man).  In other words, she won’t spend her time trying to change him because she’s too busy enjoying him.


    1. Let Him Be a Gentlemen

    You’re independent and probably used to doing everything for yourself. But, if you’d give him a shot he might surprise you. Hang up the #bosslady hat for a moment and allow him to be a gentleman. 

    Slow down, follow his lead and leave the boss lady at home. There is a time and a place to be a #bosslady but during a date isn’t it.

    Wooing or winning a man over isn’t hard to do. Just make him feel respected and valued and he’s practically all yours!


    Looking to meet that special someone? Contact Michelle G today and use code #Diamond to get a special gift and a complimentary session to help you find the love you deserve.  

     Need some sparkle for that first date? make sure to check out the Diamond Daughters for some beautiful jewelry to match your date night outfit.






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