April 30, 2019

Collaboration With Sophia Chang

By Diamond Daughters
Collaboration With Sophia Chang - Diamond Daughters

Huge thanks to a dear friend of ours who connected us with the beautiful Sophia Chang. If you don’t already know, Sophia is a Youtube & social media Vlogger, and she loves our jewelry! Sophia’s Youtube has fun videos of ‘get ready with me’ along with other videos about her family, daily lifestyle, vacations and much more. 

Click Here to check out her YouTube

The Diamond Daughters have been around for about a year and a half, and Sophia has contributed so much through-out our journey so far. She currently wears our jewelry pieces on a daily basis. Her favorite piece- of course, is her ‘Warrior Coin Necklace In 14K Yellow gold’ Click Here to see it close up. Last month, Sophia got to design her own custom piece with our help. She wanted a meaningful necklace to layer with her ‘Warrior Coin Necklace’ and had a specific vision in mind. An oval Jadeite gem with a yellow gold bezel. This is how the new ‘Dream Jadeite necklace’ was born. Jadeite is believed to protect & absorb negative energy. We were so excited to help Sophia create her one of a kind piece, something for her to love and wear every day. You can see the necklace in Sophia’s latest YouTube video or click here

Thank you Sophia for being a part of the diamond daughters family, we love seeing you wearing all of your DD pieces.


Click here to see all of Sophia’s favorite DD pieces.