• All About Moissanite Engagement Rings

    Are you interested in buying an engagement ring but not sure if moissanite is the right choice for you? here are some fun facts that might help!


    Moissanites are almost as hard as a diamond

    On the Moh's hardness scale, a moissanite is a 9.25 (hardness level) and a diamond is a 10, which is the hardest. Moissanite is almost as hard as a diamond! This means that it is a durable stone to wear on a daily basis, especially as an engagement ring or wedding band. 


    Super Affordable

    Depending on the type of ring you want, when you choose a moissanite as the center stone you’ll be saving a good amount of $$! All of our custom moissanite rings start at just $1,000.00. These rings are 14K  solid gold. You can choose any gold color, 14K white gold, 14k yellow gold or 14k rose gold. 

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    Moissanites are sparkly, but not all are created equal...

    Yes! moissanites are known to be super sparkly & beautiful. But, not all created equally. These stones are lab created, and there are lots of different looks to them. Some moissanites are not as pretty as others, and the price will reflect it. So, when choosing a moissanite, make sure you get one that actually shines and has a lot of life. Some moissanites look dull and are not as pretty as others. 

    At the Diamond Daughters, we inspected all different moissanites, and we chose the prettiest, the most sparkly ones for our customers. After all, we will only show you something WE would wear. The three of us (Diamond Daughters Owners) are super picky, and we always make sure every single custom piece of jewelry is inspected by all three of us before it even gets to you!


    All the shapes are available & we even offer any stone size 

    Yes, our name is 'Diamond Daughters' why are we rambling about moissanites?

    well... it is a long story but in short, we specialize in diamonds because we have been in this industry for generations. Our Grandpa was a diamond cutter & our uncles own a diamond wholsale business, that is where the name Diamond Daughters came from. But, we also specialize in ANY stone you want including moissanites! Our specialty is custom jewelry, any jewelry design you see- we can make, literally. So book your complementary consultation and see all the magic we can do.

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  • JM Jewelry Extended Care Plan

    JM Jewelry Extended Care Plan - Diamond Daughters

    This item is an add-on to any jewelry you purchase from us.

    Click Here To purchase this Item with your Jewelry, Must be purchased together with your jewelry to activate warranty

    This is called the JM Jewelry Extended Care Plan.
    Enjoy the following coverage:

    - Rhodium plating

    - Refinishing and polishing

    - Loss of center diamonds or gemstones due to a defective setting

    - Broken, bent, or worn prongs

    - Cracked or thinning band or shank

    - Ring re-sizing

    - Broken clasps, bracelets or chains

    - Replacing cracked or chipped stones

    - Broken earring posts

    - Pearl restringing

    This is a one time fee that you must add onto your cart when purchasing your jewelry.

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  • Free Ring Cleaning: How Does it Work?

    Free Ring Cleaning: How Does it Work? - Diamond Daughters

    Keep your Diamond Daughters engagement ring sparkling as bright as the day you said "yes"! 

    Cleaning and inspection are included for life with your purchase!  Engagement rings should be inspected and cleaned every six months by a Diamond Daughters' jeweler to ensure the stability and brilliance of your ring is maintained to the highest quality.  

    San Diego Locals and Visitors 

    Book a cleaning appointment with us in our downtown showroom.

    Click Here to Book An Appointment 

    Outside of San Diego 

    Send us an email requesting cleaning service.  Customers are responsible for the cost of round-trip insured shipping.  We will assist you with securing a shipping label when you contact us regarding cleaning.  We will also send you a service form to complete and include with your ring. 

    Cleaning turnaround time is around five to seven business days.  We will contact you via email to arrange a return shipping date that is compatible with your schedule. 

    • Email: 
    • Subject Line: Ring Cleaning - NAME ON ORIGINAL ORDER 
    If you have any questions please feel free to reach out to us via email at 
    We are more than happy to help! 



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