November 16, 2018

Diamond Daughters Best Seller

By Diamond Daughters
Diamond Daughters Best Seller - Diamond Daughters

Diamond Daughters Best Seller

Here at the Diamond Daughters we love creating jewelry with meaning. Our Warrior coin necklace was inspired by a very close friend, who asked for a coin necklace. We searched for an antique looking coin design and found our coin!

When our friend got our creation, she said " I hold it close to my heart, it has a warrior on it just like my husband (a navy seal) when he is away ". That moment was priceless for us! this was the name and meaning for our Warrior Necklace, it is for all of us warriors, we all have our battles and our victories, we all deserve a token for our efforts in life. Let it be our warrior.

We made an actual replica of the coin in solid 14k  gold. We then presented to you the 'Warrior Coin Replica Necklace" It is available in all three gold colors.

Small Warrior Coin Pendant

The Warrior coin necklace is such a hit so we wade a smaller version as another option. We love seeing so many celebrities, friends and family wearing our jewelry; it really brings so much love and joy to our life.