January 16, 2020

Diamond Daughters Jewelry Repairs

By Ally Allen
Diamond Daughters Jewelry Repairs - Diamond Daughters

   We would like to show you a different perspective for jewelry repair.

Jewelry repair is one of the many services we offer, to either repair a flaw in a piece, clean and polish, or a change that would make it your own. 

        We all have these old items we keep deep in our drawer because they’re too big or too small, or just looks too old. But we keep them, because these pieces have a story- who gave it to you and how you felt when you got it. As we all know, jewelry has sentimental value, so no way we’d ever get rid of it! And we shouldn’t! 

     Why not try and make it your own! Fix the problem, change it a bit and give it a fresh clean look. Evolve your gold and diamonds, these precious pieces can always be modified to change with you as your style changes throughout your life. 

Today there is no specific style that you should stick to, you can mix & match white gold with yellow or rose, a dainty piece with a chunky one, long necklace with a choker, everything goes! And we’re here to help you make it happen.

       Here at the diamond daughters we can do all of this and more, we’ll show you the trendy looks as well as unique one of a kind ideas. We’d love to help you bring your forgotten hidden treasures back to life.