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  • The Knot Best Of Weddings Award

    The Knot Best Of Weddings Award - Diamond Daughters

    News Flash: Diamond Daughters Award


    We’ve got some exciting news! We have been given an award from The Knot as 2019's best weddings jewelers. Diamond Daughters INC has officially been in business for one year. Throughout this journey, our main priority is for our customers to feel like family at our office. We strive to give them the best experience through our love for jewelry. As a family business, we know how important family is- and when you choose the Diamond Daughters, you really become our family. We share our knowledge about diamonds and the endless possibilities you can create with jewelry. We are here to educate and guide you to make the right decision when purchasing your diamonds & jewelry. 

    Getting ‘The Knot Best of Weddings’ award means so much to us and our business. We appreciate our wonderful customers who took the time to leave us reviews and share their great experience with others. Thank you for always sharing your love with us and for helping us share the jewelry love through the Diamond Daughters experience. 


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    From Our Family To Yours

    -Diamond Daughters

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  • We love real gold! Solid gold!

    We love real gold! Solid gold! - Diamond Daughters
    Not gold filled, not gold plated jewelry, but the real deal, real gold.
    Whether you are looking for a meaningful gift for someone you love, or looking for jewelry for yourself, solid gold is the way to go!
    Whatever you hear about gold plating, it does not have any real value.
    We have the real real, beautiful designs affordable and very well made.
    It will not tarnish, it will not irritate your skin, you can shower and work out, wear it day or night it will always look the same !
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  • Solid Gold vs. Gold Plated/Gold Filled

    Solid Gold vs. Gold Plated/Gold Filled - Diamond Daughters
    Solid Gold vs. Gold Plated/Gold Filled 
    Here at Diamond Daughters, we strongly believe that everything that glitters should be gold! Real, solid, full gold; not a thin layer covering silver, or a slightly thicker layer covering brass. Plated and filled gold does not have the value, nor the quality that solid gold does. All of our jewelry that is marked as gold, is solid gold. 
    Jewelry is a statement of beauty and value. Like cooking, you want to use only the best ingredients. Jewelry touches your body; it's as close as can be to you. You deserve top notch material of the highest quality and you want to be able to go about your daily activities without worrying about a lower quality jewelry fading from sweat, soap, moisturizer, etc. One of the benefits of solid gold is that it can always be polished and cleaned to restore it to its natural shine and luster. 
    Treat yourself to only the best. Visit us at Diamond Daughters to add more sparkle to your life!
    From our family to yours
    -The Diamond Daughters
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  • The Metals We use In Our Jewelry

    The most common metals in fine jewelry are gold, platinum, & silver.
    We offer yellow gold, white gold, rose gold, and platinum.
    Did you know that white gold, is actually an alloy of yellow gold and white metal, usually nickel or palladium.
    The color you choose for your jewelry should not make a difference in pricing!
    The higher the gold carat, the softer the metal. 
    Platinum is a heavier denser material, but scratches more easily than 14k gold.
    Whatever material you choose for your amazing diamond ring, it will work perfectly for you! We will make sure it does.
    And we’ll be there for you every step of the way.
    With love,
    The Diamond Daughters
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