• Marissa & Ricardo

    Marissa & Ricardo - Diamond Daughters
    Marissa & Ricardo
    'Marissa' is a classy pear shape shape solitaire diamond engagement ring.
    Ricardo planned a beautiful trip to Hawaii with his son & Marissa. The proposal was a complete surprise!

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  • Nick & Amanda

    Nick & Amanda - Diamond Daughters
    Our one of a kind 'Amanda' custom diamond ring is a gorgeous, pear shape, reverse halo design.

    So romantic and sweet, Nick's proposal was a total surprise.
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  • Chelsea & Daryl

    Chelsea & Daryl - Diamond Daughters
    The Chelsea ring is our exclusive radiant cut halo design made with top quality diamonds. The combination of white color diamonds and high quality diamond clarity really make this piece sparkle! Daryl planned this beautiful proposal 
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  • Tara & Brian

    Tara & Brian - Diamond Daughters

    Have you seen the new Diamond Daughters 'Tara' engagement ring?

    Brian had a family heirloom diamond that he used for Tara. It's always so special when a diamond is passed down the family through generations

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