November 28, 2018


By Diamond Daughters

How to choose a diamond for an engagement ring? 

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How to choose a diamond for an engagement ring? That is a big question! Unless you are in the diamond trading business, you shouldn't think of a diamond as an investment! You are buying a luxury item for someone you really love, or for your own enjoyment. You need to choose the right professional jeweler, the right one for you, that will listen to you and understand your preferences.


The diamond needs to be the right one for you! It does not need to be the most expensive one, or the whitest one, or the cleanest, or the perfect cut. Your ring can have a diamond that is absolutely beautiful with the right color, clarity and cut that matches your budget. Don’t get caught  on the technicalities, it can turn into a nightmare, with too much information. Your choice is really the right person you trust to help you, and that’s our job, we know diamonds! We know the ins and outs of this industry, we know what you have been told everywhere, and we can help you make this choice. 


We are not like a regular retail store, we are the Diamond Daughters.  Think of us as in between wholesale & retail. Our background comes from the wholesale industry. This is the reason we are able to give you such competitive prices compared to anywhere else you go. We work specifically with your budget in mind, we don't care if you get the bigger or the smaller diamond. To us, all that really matters is seeing you happy and giving you the exact ring you envisioned. 

We make you feel like you are part of our family, because at the end of the day, you really become our family. We make sure you have asked all of your questions and we allow you to be a part of every single step of creating your dream diamond engagement ring. We guarantee you will absolutely love our creations. Weather its Facetime, or in person appointments, you will feel so comfortable and you will really enjoy this happy time in your life. So let's get on it! put your trust in the Diamond Daughters, you will not regret it.



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