May 08, 2019

Mother's Day Gifts

By Diamond Daughters
Mother's Day Gifts - Diamond Daughters

Mother's Day Gifts

Diamond Daughters

Everyday Fine jewelry & custom creations

We all love our mothers, and want to show them how much we appreciate all the hard work and love, they put in our lives. When choosing the gift, we would like to suggest getting fine jewelry. There is nothing like a gift that caries a sentimental value and the added value, of a gift that will never tarnish, loose durability or its shine! It would stand for love for ever!

Our top favorites are those pieces that you can personalize and add your own touch. Visit our Mother's day exclusive collection,  Click Here 


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About our services:

We are located in San Diego, CA but we ship all over the USA. We gladly accept any custom orders & we will guide you through this fun experience. From engagement rings, repurposing & any jewelry requests, we do it all. 

Have you ever had an idea for a piece of jewelry but did know if it is possible? simply contact us and we will give you an estimate of how much it would be, we can make anything happen. 

Here is a list of our services:

  • Bridal jewelry such as engagement rings, diamond ring updates, wedding bands, & custom jewelry projects
  • we do all jewelry repairs such as sizing, replacing broken chains, replacing missing diamonds and much more.
  • Jewelry appraisals- do you need your jewelry insured? most likely you will need an appraisal. 
  • Phone consultation- this service is for anyone who would like to get some more information about a service they need such as a custom jewelry piece, getting an engagement ring or any fine jewelry needs.

Contact Us for more information, we will gladly help bring your jewelry dreams come to life.