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  • The Knot Best Of Weddings Award

    The Knot Best Of Weddings Award - Diamond Daughters

    News Flash: Diamond Daughters Award


    We’ve got some exciting news! We have been given an award from The Knot as 2019's best weddings jewelers. Diamond Daughters INC has officially been in business for one year. Throughout this journey, our main priority is for our customers to feel like family at our office. We strive to give them the best experience through our love for jewelry. As a family business, we know how important family is- and when you choose the Diamond Daughters, you really become our family. We share our knowledge about diamonds and the endless possibilities you can create with jewelry. We are here to educate and guide you to make the right decision when purchasing your diamonds & jewelry. 

    Getting ‘The Knot Best of Weddings’ award means so much to us and our business. We appreciate our wonderful customers who took the time to leave us reviews and share their great experience with others. Thank you for always sharing your love with us and for helping us share the jewelry love through the Diamond Daughters experience. 


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    From Our Family To Yours

    -Diamond Daughters

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  • What to expect when you're expecting… a custom engagement ring

    What to expect when you're expecting… a custom engagement ring - Diamond Daughters
    What to expect when you're expecting… a custom engagement ring.
    When it comes to engagement rings, you want to get the most for your budget and the Diamond Daughters are here to help. We will do everything in our power to keep things under your budget while giving you you your dream engagement ring.
    We will walk you through the insides of choosing a diamond. We’ll help you find the perfect one for you! We will listen to what you have in mind and design your ring around your preferences.
    Step one: CAD (3D Computer Aided Design/Rendering) - We describe your desired ring to our team & with that information we design a computer image! How awesome is that!? You'll get to see the ring from every single angle. In this part of the process we are able to make any changes in the design and size. We make as many changes needed until we feel the ring is perfect. 
    WOOHOO! Moving on!
    Step two: WAX- The final rendering after all the changes is then made of wax. You'll get to actually see your ring- in wax form! This way, our client gets an idea of the exact dimensions and proportions of the ring before moving on to the next step! How amazing is that? To be able to make corrections in between is such a huge benefit. It allows you to feel confident in the process and builds excitement towards the final results. This will obviously lead to engagement ring perfection, duh.
    Step three: CAST- Once we approve the wax design, its time for casting. During this process, the metal (gold) is poured into a mold which allows it to harden into the shape of your ring. Once its out of the oven-you'll see an unpolished and unset diamond version your engagement ring- kind of a rough image. So we usually skip showing this part to our clients or they’ll freak out. 
    Step 4: POLISH & SET- The ring gets polished which gives it a shiny, clean look. The small accent stones as well as center diamond are all set one by one. VOILA! You have an engagement ring! 
    This entire process is fun and exciting, we will be available to answer all your questions and ease your mind of any doubts or concerns you might have.
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  • Meet Ally Allen, Sahar and Ronit Behar of Diamond Daughters featured on SDVoyager!

    Meet Ally Allen, Sahar and Ronit Behar of Diamond Daughters featured on SDVoyager! - Diamond Daughters

    Meet Ally Allen, Sahar and Ronit Behar of Diamond Daughters

    Today we’d like to introduce you to Ally Allen, Sahar and Ronit Behar.

    Ally and Sahar and Ronit, please share your story with us. 
    We’re two sisters, Sahar and Ally, and our mom, Ronit; together, we started a jewelry business. We have been in the diamond wholesale industry for many years, we learned this business inside out, and know the materials thoroughly, as much as we love the beauty in jewelry we all felt like something was missing. We realized what we enjoy most is being a part of peoples special moments. We love our diamonds, but we love people even more, and love to make them happy. Together, we packed up and left the wholesale world, and started our own brand- The Diamond Daughters. We started working from home, with lots of energy and motivation, which lead us quickly to opening an office in the Jewelers exchange building in Downtown San Diego. This office became our second home, we love meeting our clients here and providing them with a unique experience.

    Overall, has it been relatively smooth? If not, what were some of the struggles along the way?
    Every new business faces some struggles. One of our struggles was marketing our business and what we offer. Social media has helped us a lot in promoting our services but it is an on-going challenge.

    Another struggle we faced is being 3 women with very different personalities. We love working together but the struggle is real! Just kidding, there are many times we disagree on certain things, but at the end of the day, we all share the same goals. Another struggle is that we fight about who gets to wear our new jewelry pieces, like we said, the struggle is real.

    Please tell us about Diamond Daughters.
    We all agreed on our vision for DD.

    First, we want to remind everyone that jewelry is love. Its given love from mothers to daughters, from husbands to wives, from a groom to bride, from one generation to the next, and even for self-love. Thats the most important thing to us, bringing love back to jewelry.

    Second, anyone can afford jewelry! Our wholesale background provides us with many connections that allow us to work with any budget. We strive to make our jewelry with high-quality materials and the best prices possible so ANYONE can wear a Diamond Daughters piece.

    Third, we love to make dreams come true. We can make any jewelry vision come to life, anything from dreamy fairy wings to a classic diamond solitaire ring. We’re fascinated with recreating old pieces into something new and modern. One of our specialties is repurposing old jewelry with sentimental value and turning into something you love and want to wear. Same old materials with new life!

    Last but not least – engagement rings. We love our Diamond Daughters Couples! The experience with us is unlike any other. With every couple we meet we feel connected and excited, doing what we do never get old!
    It’s always a party with the Diamond Daughters!

    If you had to go back in time and start over, would you have done anything differently?
    Honestly, it’s been a crazy experience so far, but we wouldn’t change a thing. Everything that happened along the way was a learning experience and made us who we are, The Diamond Daughters!


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