April 24, 2018

The Engagement Ring Experience

By Diamond Daughters
The Engagement Ring Experience - Diamond Daughters
The process of creating diamond engagement rings is so rewarding-from beginning to end! We really get to know our couples and we take the time to get a sense of their love story. It’s such a happy time in the couple’s life and we are honored to be a part of that amazing chapter in their lives. We take pride in helping the bride and groom design their one of a kind piece that they wear every single day. Helping them create this one piece of jewelry that will represent their love for each other and showcase their own style & story is our goal for every bride and groom. A new groom came in and had no idea how to even start. He knew what design his bride wanted but was a bit nervous about getting the perfect one. We made sure to him feel comfortable and the three of us sat down with him, looking at pictures and styles that he had in mind. Next, we discussed budget; this is the main priority when picking out our engagement rings because we first play around with the diamonds, which is where most of the budget goes to initially. We showed the groom 3 different options of diamonds (we always have many more options but we narrow it down to the best that fit his budget) . We always show our Clients diamonds that we would pick for ourselves. We want to ‘wow’ the bride and if we love it, we are sure that she will too. The groom got to learn all about color and clarity; we give a mini lesson so that he is informed as he makes his decision. From answering any questions and explaining how to look at a diamond with the loupe, we do it all. The groom wanted an oval diamond with a halo style ring. In between talking about diamonds, we talked about family, trips, the wedding, the proposal and life (this helps us get to know him on a personal level, which helps us assist with selecting the perfect ring). 
After picking the diamond (which is the first step) we talk about the design of the ring. We give him different design options with pricing for each. We already knew what design he wanted, so we went forward with the process and designed that exact ring for him while staying within his budget. As the groom picked it up a few days later, he got to see the final product-the diamond he picked set in the ring his bride wanted. All three of us check the ring and make sure it looks exactly how he pictured it. We check the ring from every corner with a special  loupe and every detail has to be perfect. The reaction that we get when we first show our client the ring is a great feeling. We really enjoy it so much and there are no words to describe how much that moment means to us.
Later on, the bride or the groom will text us a picture of her dream wedding ring on her finger and this is the part where  we get the most emotional. We make a point to really enjoy our couple’s love and happiness. When we see them happy, we know we’ve done our job and we take a lot of pride in that.
The love story never ends... after our bride gets her ring, she will come back for sizing, unlimited cleaning and pick out their wedding bands as the future Mr. & Mrs. We always recommend coming by for cleaning right before your big day so your rings are extra shiny and sparkly. After all, it’s free, so why not :)? Let us help you create your dream ring that represents your own love story.
From our family to yours...
The diamond daughters