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Diamond Daughters

Jordyn | Oval Moissanite Engagement Ring

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Center Stone Size

This beautiful 3 stone engagement ring features one oval moissanite in the center with 2 pear shape moissanite accent stones on each side of the center stone surrounded by a diamond halo.

You can't go wrong with this delicate design. It will always be timeless. Perfect for our oval shape lovers!


Center Stone:  Oval Moissanite

Accent Stone: Diamonds

Moissanite oval mm size to carat size comparison

7x5mm is approximately 0.90ct

8x6mm is approximately 1.50ct

9x7mm is approximately 2.00ct

10x7mm is approximately 2.82ct

10x7.5 is approximately 2.87ct

10x8mm is approximately 3.00ct

10.5x8mm is approximately 3.10ct

11x9mm is approximately 4.20ct

12x10mm is approximately 5.80ct 

14x10mm is approximately 7.75ct 


 *Please note- All rings are custom & made to order. Please allow all orders 8-10 weeks for production. All sales are final. All photos have been enhanced to fit the website photo quality.