Elongated Cushion Moissanite Solitaire Engagement Ring

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This beautiful engagement ring is the one and only classic Elongated cushion moissanite 14K gold solitaire engagement ring. You can't go wrong with this classy design. It will always be timeless. Brides love this solitaire engagement ring because you can mix and match any women's diamond wedding band & women's moissanite wedding bands for the perfect stack. The attention is all on her, that one-of-a-kind center stone in your ring. Perfect for our elongated cushion shape lovers. These gorgeous solitaires are also available with lab grown diamonds!

Metal Type: 14K gold

Center Stone: Moissanite

Moissanite cushion mm size to carat size comparison

8x6mm is approximately 1.61ct

9x7mm is approximately 2.47ct

9.5x8mm is approximately 2.69ct

10x8mm is approximately 3.58ct

11x9mm is approximately 5.00ct

12x10mm is approximately 6.72ct

13x11mm is approximately 9.50ct

*Please note- All rings are custom & made to order. Please allow 8-10 weeks for production for this order. All sales are final. All photos have been enhanced to fit the website photo quality.

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Do you accept refunds, exchanges or cancellations?

DIAMOND DAUGHTERS DOES NOT ACCEPT RETURNS, EXCHANGES OR ORDER CANCELLATIONS. All of our pieces are made to order especially for you and are FINAL SALE.

*We have the right to refuse service to anyone for any reason.

Do you have Ready To Buy Rings?

Yes! we have a collection that includes our best sellers that are currently in stock and ready to buy.

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I want to buy an engagement ring, how do I get started?

First off, congratulations on finding and connecting with your partner! The Diamond Daughters love making the process of creating your special ring and moment as stress and hassle free as possible. Simply tell us your visions and goals, lets chat and figure out what you have in mind. We will take it from there! Our contact info is 619-880-0219 text or call. You can also E-mail us:  info@thediamonddaughters.com.

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What kind of center stone options do you offer?

We offer any type of stone you would like! Lab grown diamonds, mined diamonds, moissanites, or even gem stones.

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What if I’m not sure what style ring/stone she wants?

Not knowing the style direction of the final ring is a common worry most of our clients initially have, don't worry this is normal, do not stress! Our design discovery process ensures we work together exploring our options and design element in order to create the ring of your dreams. We have decades of experience helping couples create the symbol of their love. Make sure to book a free consultation with us!

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