• Diamond Daughters Thanksgiving Giveaway

    Diamond Daughters Thanksgiving Giveaway

    We partnered with @sophiachang and we will be hosting monthly giveaways! Every piece of jewelry we giveaway will be one that Sophia helped us design. This month you will get the chance to win this 'Chunky Hand Made Ear Cuff In 14K Yellow Gold' ! Please Click Here to see our GIVEAWAY post on IG to enter. 

    You must follow ALL the steps to enter the giveaway, make sure to Sign Up to the newsletter, it is one of the steps and we DO check! Click Here to sign up

    Make sure to enter and don’t ever give up! We will have a giveaway every single month to thank you all for being part of the DD family.

    Make sure to check out 'Sophia Chang's Favorites' for her favorite pieces.

    Stay tuned to see who won the giveaway! Good luck!

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  • Diamond Daughters Giveaway

    Diamond Daughters Giveaway

    Monthly Giveaways

    We partnered with Sophia Chang and we will be hosting monthly giveaways! Every piece of jewelry we giveaway will be one that Sophia helped us design. This month you will get the chance to win these cute everyday 14K gold hoops! Sophia does not have her ears pierced so we made a pair that is custom as a screw on option (clip ons). 


    If you do have your ears pierced you will be getting these hoops.


    Make sure to enter and don’t ever give up! We will have a giveaway every single month to thank you all for being part of the DD family.


    Join the #ddtribe newsletter for a free gift

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  • 5 Things To Remember When Buying Your Engagement Ring

    5 Things To Remember When Buying Your Engagement Ring

    5 Things To Remember When Getting Your Engagement Ring

    Diamond Daughters 

    Congratulations! if you are reading this blog then you are probably thinking of getting engaged soon! this is a very exciting time in your life and you should try to enjoy it rather than getting stressed out. Unfortunately, we hear a lot of horror stories from couples that come to us and tell us about the bad experiences they had when going to retail stores to get their engagement rings. We are here to change that trend and show you that getting that one of a kind ring can be a fun & easy process. There is a lot to learn and we are here to guide you and teach you everything you need to know, while giving you our expertise on diamonds.

    Top things to know when looking for your engagement ring

    #1 Figure out your budget

    You need to have a clear picture of what you want for your one-of-a-kind diamond ring. That all starts with figuring out what is the absolute top budget for your ring. It is easy to say 'give me the best ring that you have' but in reality, there is no absolute best, there is best for what you can afford. Depending on what is more important to you, the diamond color, clarity, cut, or carat size (don't worry, we explain to you the difference between all these terms). Some ladies would rather have a bigger diamond and they will not really care if the color is lower; luckily, we are a women owned business & we give you an honest opinion on the right decision for your situation.

    #2 Do you want a diamond or a gemstone?

    Today's bridal engagement rings trends have changed a lot. There are many alternative bridal engagement rings and you do not have to purchase a diamond. Some ladies like their center stone to be a sapphire, morganite, or any type of gemstone. Don't worry, although we specialize in diamonds (we come from the diamond wholesale world) we also specialize in gemstones, and we have endless options for you if you would like to see them. Gemstones are great for couples that have a lower budget, but still want a unique engagement ring

    "Our first business with them was my wife's engagement ring and we were blown away at the honesty and kindness throughout the whole process.  My wife had a unique idea and we explained to them our budget - they knocked it out of the park!  Since her engagement ring they have also made her earrings, pennants and other rings"

    "Ally and her mom were sooo nice and sweet when my boyfriend and I came to look at engagement rings. They didn't pressure us at all into trying things and let us do our own thing with some guidance. I also appreciated that they shared their knowledge with us about stones and diamonds"

    "Woah I could not say enough amazing things about these ladies. It is a true family business ran with both passion and professionalism. They helped me and my fiance use the diamonds he bought me to build a ring that was part him and part me. I have not stopped staring at it in awe of how perfectly they captured my dream ring!! They answered all of my (probably 1000+) questions happily and made us feel so comfortable through the entire process! I get compliments on my ring all of the time!" 

    #3 are you going to look at rings as a couple, or are you going solo?

    This is an important question because a lot of ladies get engaged but are sad because it is not the ring they want... we like to avoid this situation and that is why there are three ways to do that. First option, if you are open about talking to each other about getting engaged, great, you can come together as a couple, look at ring & then we can take it from here and talk to Mr. boyfriend so he can still surprise you at the proposal (we will keep in touch via texts and phone calls but that way we know exactly what you like and we have your finger size!). Another option is for you to come alone; if you are Mr. boyfriend, don't worry, if you have no idea what she wants you can get her a solitaire ring & once you are engaged you can come back and design the ring of her dreams (we give you a full store credit for the ring setting). We want your bride to LOVE her ring and that is why we do this option for you. Option 3, if you are Ms. girlfriend, you can come to us, tell us exactly what you like, and we will take it from here. Mr. boyfriend will come to us when he is ready and that way we will be able to tell him exactly what you want! so many ladies do this and it really helps them out. You get the ring of your dreams but you still get surprised!

    #4 What kind of ring style do you want?

    If you are not sure, make sure to check out our Instagram Click Here we show you different styles and trends of engagement rings that we are working on. We also have an entire engagement ring collection on our website, click here to see it

    As always, we are here to help you! we love seeing our guys get all romantic and try to give their girlfriend that one ring she will love so much, so please feel free to e-mail or text us 858-335-2396

    #5 What shape of diamond do you want?

    We have ALL the shapes for you to look at, and if you don't know which one, we will explain which shapes are trendy, classy, and the different prices for each one. Remember, the big retail stores will not have this personalized experience that we give you here at the Diamond Daughters. Start your engagement ring journey today, you can chat with us on a quick phone call to get an idea how this works, we make it easy and a fun experience! Click Here to contact us 

    Become A Diamond Daughters Bride 

    Allow us to become part of your love story. We have endless options to show you that fit your budget & style. Don't know where to start? we got you, make sure to contact us so we can get you started, it's easier than you think

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  • Diamond Daughters July Giveaway

    Diamond Daughters July Giveaway

    Giveaway Time!

    Diamond Daughters

    Weekend Giveaway is here! we wanted to thank all of our followers & the Instagram community by doing a fun giveaway! we teamed up with two other small businesses to give you some amazing gifts. The Diamond Daughters are giving away one 'warrior coin gold plated' OR a $150 Diamond Daughters gift card so you can pick ANY piece of jewelry you want. The other two local businesses that we teamed up with is @_tori.marie_ who is an amazing fitness coach, she is giving away a FREE Boot Camp class in the month of July or August. You will also get a FREE Microblading service with @toricelina, she did all of the Diamond Daughters eyebrows (Aly, Sahar & Ronit) and we absolutely love them!  Make sure to check out our Instagram page to enter Click Here

    Good Luck! Hope you win the contest :)

    Make sure to check out our @thediamonddaughters Instagram page often, we have daily giveaways!

    Diamond Daughters Fine Jewelry is designed by women for women. We create new designs daily & every piece is carefully created with love & joy. We are in San Diego, CA we have FREE SHIPPING ON ALL ORDERS IN THE USA

    Check out our website $250 & Under fine jewelry
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